Crunchy and consistent fruit, bright green in the immature phase which then turns red or yellow depending on the variety, square shape, weight about 200 grams. Belonging to the Solanaceae family, it differs from the type of chillies, due to the larger size of the fruits and the lower percentage of capsaicin (substance responsible for the spicy taste).

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  • Pepper is one of the most complex horticultural crops to manage, very sensitive to the surrounding environment. It requires non-asphyxiated medium-textured soils, with low salinity, a factor that could compromise the quantity and quality of the harvest. It requires a temperate - warm climate, it does not like temperature changes and flowering is favored by temperatures of around 25-30 ° C. High temperatures, water stress and unbalanced fertilizations could be the cause of flower drop. During the growth phases of the plant, the development of the crown is very important, which will be useful to guarantee nourishment to the fruits and give them shelter from the sun's rays that could create burns if they hit the surface of the berry directly. The transplant takes place from the end of April to all of May. Ripening takes place from the end of July to November, is gradual and the fruits can be harvested both immature (green) and fully ripe, red or yellow according to the variety.

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