Belonging to the cruciferous family, it is the classic Mediterranean vegetable, it is grown mainly in Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata and Lazio.

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  • It is an erect herbaceous plant with small inflorescences and deep yellow flowers. It is grown in the winter months as an intercrop between two main crops, it adapts to different types of soil but the light and medium-textured ones with a good fertility content are the ones it prefers the most.

    Sowing takes place starting from the first ten days of September as soon as the climatic conditions allow to have a moisture content of the soil that allows the germination of the seeds. It is a very rustic plant, it does not require particular agronomic measures, after about 90 days from sowing the more tender turnip greens can be harvested. Several stages of harvesting are required to always have tender turnip greens that are suitable for consumption. The availability of turnip greens is from December to March.

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