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Belonging to the Solanaceae family of South American origin, it is cultivated all over the world, the plant has an erect bearing with pinnate-compound leaves, the flowers are gathered in white, pink or purple inflorescences depending on the cultivated variety, the edible part of the plant is the tuber, which comes in various shapes and colors.

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  • The cultivation of POTATOES in Calabria represents an important slice of the regional economy, starting from the plain with early crops up to the late cultivation of the Sila and Aspromonte plateaus. Sila potatoes are appreciated by consumers for the organoleptic characteristics given to the product by the growing environment, the climate and the irrigation water. It prefers loose soils, basically sandy, sub-acidic and rich in organic matter, it adapts to different climatic regimes but the optimum growth varies between 15 ° C and 19 ° C. The varieties grown in Sila are many, the most important in quantitative terms are Agria, Marabel, Nicola, Jelly. Sowing takes place from the third decade of April and continues throughout May, while the tubers are harvested, manually or mechanically, from the third decade of August to early September and continues until the end of November.

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