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The aubergine belongs to the Solanaceae botanical family, that is, those plants whose growth is strongly linked to light intensity, and therefore to the Sun.



Medium-early cycle, round-oval fruit with a bright dark purple color.

Availability from July to November.



Vigorous plant, tall, with elongated cylindrical black fruit.

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  • The aubergine prefers temperatures around 25 ° C with medium-textured soils and fertilizers rich in organic matter. Optimal PH 6-7. It does not tolerate water shortages and in the occurrence of these conditions the plant produces small-sized fruits with fibrous pulp, with a bitter and spicy taste and rich in seeds. Transplants are carried out between the end of April and May with an investment of about 12 thousand plants per hectare, the irrigation practice refers to micro-irrigation, that is the technique that supplies water to the crop in the precise quantities it needs, maximizing efficiency avoiding unnecessary waste of the precious water resource. The harvest takes place gradually from July to November.

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