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  • Scientific name Punica granatum fruit native to Asia that has adapted very well even in the Mediterranean area. In recent years, the cultivation of pomegranates has grown exponentially thanks to the placing on the market of new varieties that allow a longer period of availability, but above all thanks to the well-known beneficial characteristics for the...

  • Belonging to the Solanaceae family of South American origin, it is cultivated all over the world, the plant has an erect bearing with pinnate-compound leaves, the flowers are gathered in white, pink or purple inflorescences depending on the cultivated variety, the edible part of the plant is the tuber, which comes in various shapes and colors.

  • Sweet oranges belong to the Citrus Sinensis species, a typical citrus fruit of Calabrian fruit growing. Countless varieties belong to this species, which are distinguished by shape, color of the pulp, presence or not of navel.

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